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New Members

Policy for new shooter / visitors

As we are a restricted firearms club with strict regulations, the following policy applies to all new shooters and visitors to the club.
Before shooting at Rosetown Pistol Club all new shooters / visitors  must:

  • Sign the visitors book upon entry
  • Complete an induction to the range (10 minutes)
  • Purchase club ammunition (currently $10)

All shooters must wear closed footwear, sandals or jandals are not permitted on the range.
The wearing of camouflage or paramilitary clothing is also not allowed on the club complex.

New shooters will be supervised with a B endorsed minders to assist them with shooting.
New shooters are welcome to visit the club three times before they need to apply to join the Rosetown Pistol club.

Joining Rosetown Pistol Club…

You are able to visit the club for a maximum of 3 times.
This gives you the chance to decide if pistol shooting is for you and for us to see if you are a safe and responsible shooter.
Once you have completed the 3 visits you can apply to join the Rosetown Pistol Club. Your application will be considered by the committee and until the approval, you’ll be a provisional member.

The current new member fee is $100.
The current annual senior fee is $150.
There is also a mandatory Pistol NZ affiliation fee of up to $85 per year.
The minimum age is 12yrs old (junior member). When the junior reaches 16yrs, they must start the application for a Firearms license and preferably their B endorsement at the same time.

As we are affiliated to Pistol NZ, you will also join Pistol NZ at this time. You can not get a ‘B’ endorsement without being a member of Pistol NZ for at least 6 months.

If you do not have your New Zealand Firearms License you should start the application process now, go to the NZ Police website for the forms and information.

There is a probationary period of 6 months.
In this time, the club will work through a training program for pistol shooting. This will include shoots at the indoor range (.22 pistols) and the outdoor range (9mm pistols).
You will also need to participate in a few club events during this time.
You will need a minimum of 12 separate ‘shoots’ recorded (signed off) in your training book before the committee will consider your application for a B Endorsement.

Once your probationary period is complete and the Club Training Officer is satisfied that you are capable and competent, an approval for a B Endorsement will be put forward and considered by the club committee.